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Take the opportunity to have your children learn the blessed Quran and its gems, its stories and much much more in the month of Ramadan and also, everything he/she needs to know about the month of Ramadan and how to spend it . Read more…
Fri, 10 May 2019 Last updated
1st Jumuah 1.20pm
2nd Jumuah 2:00pm
Car Parking No
Toilets Yes
Wadu place Yes
Women's prayer space No
Children Madrasa Yes
Disability access Yes

About us

Our masjid is in Dagenham East. After 4-years WE HAD APPEALED TO our council and Alhamdulilah we eventually got the full planning permission for a masjid (from the appeal department). The Mosque has £170,000.00 Debt, in regards to the location of the masjid, it is down the road from the Dagenham east underground station , Alhamdulilah we have a great community full of muslims who come on a daily basis to pray their 5 daily prayers and join in with the activities in which the masjid provides.

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Our mission is to serve the community


Arabic class Mon-Thurs


Islamic events

Islamic events for all to come, and football etc services are provided for the youth.

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